The Limited Edition of the 401 È Amatrice is one of the different faces that the project designed by Roberto Serafini and Marina Gentile is able to take, thanks to an extraordinary network of artists, designers and architects, who married the goodness of the idea and the essence of what embodies the fragrance.

The work comes from the study of the artist of amatrician origins known as The Art name B. Zarro.

It all starts last year, when the artist reveals to the press his vision of “a magical connection” B. Zarro noticed the great similarity between two cities so far away yet so close, Amatrice and New York.

The discovery shared initially with friends, dear colleagues and some American authorities, was surprising: the two cities have an identical plan.

The reason is to be found in the History: the development of the two cities grew in parallel, worlds and contexts, influenced by the discoveries of the humanities of the Renaissance in the field of arts and architecture.

It was the Italian artists and builders who exported to the new continent the typical plant in Castrum Romano, identified in that “matrix” from which the city hit by the earthquake takes its name.

When B. Zarro finds out that these cities, so different from each other, are actually “twins”, has an intuition: to represent in artistic form a bond marked by destiny with a noble purpose.

Where tragedy has destroyed, Art will restore hope and rebuild.

This Is How B. Zarro recounts the origins of his work.

We were in the middle of the Renaissance. An Italian researcher discovered an island inhabited by very hospitable Aborigines.

From” this other part” of the ocean an Italian architect works on the reconstruction of a city devastated by human madness. It was the time of the ideal cities. The architect had worked alongside Raphael, and Bramante, had acquired the method of development of the city “castrum romano” known for his central axis and perpendicular streets. Meanwhile, the island had passed by hand and the Aborigines had been expelled: a new city saw the light. Thus, even in this newborn City came the influence of the Roman Castrum model – with a central axis and transversal roads – a sort of Matrix.

The two cities grew and developed each with its own residential model… however with a common destiny to represent two different housing models, the two faces of the same coin: the human existence…. Twin tower, September 11, 2001 and Amatrice, earthquake on August 26, 2016.

Cities are made by men, they are devastated by barbarians or natural tragedies.

Visionary administrators, with the help of talented artists, put them back on their feet.

The limited edition of 401 È Amatrice frangrance is a unique gift, a work of art signed by B. Zarro.

Each piece is unique, because it marks a different point on the map of the city, as to represent pieces of an identity that is never lost, but to rebuild.

Saturday, May 18, the destinies of two seemingly different cities, Amatrice and New York, crossed and overlapped thanks to the perceptive study of the artist of amatrician origins B. ZARRO.

It happened in the “Amatrice – New York. Rebirth” exhibition organized in collaboration with Campomarzio70 – the Essential Gallery. In the exposure, the story links the two cities struck by immense tragedies– that indelible of the World Trade Center in 2001 and the earthquake of 2016 that has destroyed Amatrice – and similar in their topographical arrangement and structure.

It is the hope of reconstruction and the identity of a community that is solidifying from these situations that interest B. ZARRO, who declared:

“The guidelines that accompanied me are cultural and anthropological. ​The first is functional to the understanding of the deeper meaning of such a devastating event that has shaken the lands of Central Italy in the summer of 2016 and has led me to the discovery of an incredible similarity between the map of Amatrice and the Manhattan map, in turn hit by another incredible tragedy in 2001. The second aim is to highlight signs of hope for the reconstruction and preservation of the identity of a people and of the places so fundamental to Italian history. I then realized, in the packaging of the perfume produced in limited edition, items that could tie the two cities with a few drops, as if it were a perfume after the his volatility seems to have done disperse its effects, in reality, leaves an indelible mark in our memories.“

During the day, the artist signed fifty packaging of 401 È Amatrice, for sale at Campomarzio70, made by him in limited edition.
At the inauguration there were Roberto Serafini and Marina Gentile, the team of Campomarzio70 and the Master Perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro, creator of the perfume.